Best MMA Fighter Lyoto Machida

Lyoto Carvalho Machida battles as a light heavyweight in the UFC which is the existing UFC Light Heavyweight Champ. Lyoto Machida is recognized as “The Dragon” which is 6ft 1 ins with a 74-inch reach. You can browse to know more about best MMA fighters.

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His dad was the top of the Brazilian branch of the Japan Karate Relationship. As Lyoto was raised, we started training in karate at age three and acquired his dark-colored belt at age 13.

He also started out training the artwork of Sumo at era twelve and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at era fifteen. He earned the 2001 Skillet American Karate Event and many other beginner karate tournaments.

Machida was the runner-up in the 2000 Brazilian Sumo Championships. He became the Brazilian Champ double when he was a grown-up, and he put second in the South-North American Championship.

In university, Machida was considered under the wing of Antonio Inoki. Inoki got him as a protégé? Once his record was 3-0, Machida fought Michael McDonald and Sam Greco, where he defeated. Then fought B.J. Penn in K-1 Hero’s where he also defeats by decision.

Machida officially divided form Inoki, he authorized with the entire world Fighting with each other Alliance and commenced to remain competitive in the U.S. He defeated Vernon White by decision in his debut American attack at the Ruler of the Roads event in California. Following the WFA went business, the UFC attained Machida’s contract.