Best Roofing Materials For Tropical Climates

In tropical climate you experience extreme weathers like cyclones, thunderstorms and heavy rains. This kind of weather condition can easily cause damage to the roof so make sure that the roof of your home, office or building should be made from the right material. Below are some roofing materials that are considered best for tropical climates:


1. Metallic Roofing

One of the main reasons metallic roofing is considered appropriate for tropical climate is that it reflect almost 66% of the sun rays. If reliable material is used, it may cost more than other materials available in the market but it will also survive extreme weather conditions. Whereas, if you use cheaper substitutes, you may have to get your roof fixed every season.

2. Concrete Roofing

Another common material used for roofing in tropical climates is concrete. This type of roofs are heavy in weight and cannot easily be effected by heavy winds and rains. Unlike metallic roofs, you will need to clean these thoroughly.

3. Slate Roofing Tiles

Slate tiles have been used to build roofs for a long time now. Similar to concrete, tiles are also heavy in weight and flat in shape. As these tiles are flat, they can easily survive strong winds but you need to have a proper drainage system to ensure that the rain water does not accumulate. These tiles are easily available in different colours varying from earthy tones to dark greys.

It is advisable to hire professional contractors as they have the proper tools, right roofing contractor software and equipment to finish your roofing in the best way possible.