How To Protect Crops from Bats and Birds

If you are a farmer, a professional gardener or even just an amateur fruit and veggie patch enthusiast, protecting the fruits of your labor are important.

After the hard work that goes into cultivating fruit and vegetables, there’s no way you want anyone else except your friends and family enjoying the products–and that includes bats, birds, and possums.

There are many alternatives to poisons and pesticides that are much more humane, such as bird netting and scarecrows, so we’ve put together a list of some options you might like to try! Check out some tips on how to chase pigeons away from the house (Also known as “ไล่นกพิราบออกจากบ้านอย่างไร” in the Thai language) from online websites.

Flash Tape/CDs

Anything that moves or glints in the light is effective for scaring away birds Flash tape is a highly reflective tape that can be fixed to various points in the garden and crackles in the slightest breeze.

The sound, movement and mirror-like shine of the tape is a big deterrent for birds. You can achieve a similar effect by tying old or scratched CDs to trees or posts, although you may not get the same movement. There are many useful references regarding magnetic chains and lights on the web link


We’ve all seen the Wizard of Oz, but a Scarecrow comes in many different forms. Many of the newer variety are shaped like owls or other birds of prey and will work well for birds. In terms of bats and possums, however, they’re not quite so effective, so you’ll need to identify exactly what the threats to your crops are. It’s also important to move your scarecrows or faux owls regularly because even the simplest of birds will notice that it isn’t real if it never moves!

Bird Baths

One theory is that when birds seek out fruit they’re actually more interested in the water content than the fruit itself, so a lot of people believe that providing a birdbath with fresh water for birds will prevent them from going for the crops.


In terms of fully protecting all of your crops from birds, bats, possums and any other predators, nothing compares to bird netting or another custom canopy. Prevention is better than a cure, and stopping the pests from having any access at all to your fruit and veg means there’s no need to try to distract them–try as they might to get in they won’t be able to!