How to use TV as Computer monitor?

The existence of smart TV has brought the possibility of you to connect your devices, such as computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to your TV. So you want to try to play your favorite game or watch videos on your HDTV? Yes you can do it, of course. It is really simple because you only need to use HDMI port!

But there are few tricks more

If you want to turn your 32 led TV into your gaming station, the easy way you can connect your PC or laptop to your TV with HDMI port. Many modern gadgets have HDMI output, so it is easier for you to connect the devices. Imagine to play battlefield on a 60 inch TV or bigger with full surround sound? Don`t you think that is something worth to try, right? If your device has only DVI, that`s still not a problem. You need HDMI port and audio cables and you can enjoy your video or browsing time with the massive screen.

The other tricks

If your computer or laptop still can`t connected to your TV, you can buy an adapter to turn Micro HDMI output to a normal HDMI connector. Do not need to worry, this adapter is particularly cheap, so still worth to try. If your computer doesn`t have DVI or HDMI, it must have VGA output. If your computer only have VGA, then you have to check your TV whether it has RGB-PC inputs. If your TV doesn`t have it, then sorry your wish to play Battlefield in bigger screen and better sound can`t go any further.

But don`t be sad because today`s TV is getting cheaper and bigger. So buy other TV with fully support for gaming or computer experience through the screen and you have multitasked appliances at home. That`s sounds really cool! Take a look at this informative article to learn about 60 inch TVs: