Legalizing Marijuana: Where Do I Stand, Stagger and Eventually Fall Down on the Subject

Throughout the past couple of years I have recently been approached to give my official view on the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Somehow the conversation always turns to legalizing it altogether.

I actually have remained relatively peaceful on the subject because I feel I’ve an obligation as a chest cancer survivor and owner of the GFLCCO to approach the matter very carefully and thus I avoid the matter publicly as much as possible. But the question keeps surfacing and I thought it time to take a serious go through the subject.

My reluctance to provide an view chop down after my lack of knowledge regarding the health results in relation to the lungs and respiratory system of the average cannabis smoker.

And so i called after the people who know these things and requested research material at Weed dispensary and data so that I could educate myself with the actual health concerns.

What I am able to present to you is the of marijuana, the legal aspects, the health impact, the financial ramifications, social impact and where the true opposition is available. Keep in mind that I write based upon facts from medical research but also marinated overnight in my viewpoints and maybe some hazy memories from the former.