What seems to be the common problem with purchasing plastic table skirts?

For a lot of people, purchasing and using plastic table skirts are a very big problem. This is primarily due to the fact;

  1. We have all been taught that making use of anything plastic is only going to end up creating problems for the environment as it happens to be a pollutant. Therefore, the use of the plastic table skirts would seemingly be associated with encouraging pollution that nobody would like to get their hands on. Therefore, purchasing the plastic table skirts come with a lot of psychological and environmental baggage.

  2. Plastic table skirts are extremely effective in masking any kind of flaws in your furniture, and using them will be directly attributed to accepting that there are a lot of flaws in your furniture. Therefore, using the plastic table skirts are frowned upon by people that would like to make a positive impression on the guests arriving at their house. Plastic table skirts bring a lot of positivity along with them.

  3. The plastic table skirts are pretty cheap in comparison to other interior decor items and therefore it seems to be associated with people that have limited means of income. This also presents a social stigma that nobody would want to be associated to their family.